I'm Maddy Myers!

I'm a journalist and editor, a synth-pop musician, and a podcast/video host.

Right now,

I'm an editor for Kotaku, a site under the Gizmodo Media Group umbrella that covers video games. Iā€™m a co-host for the Kotaku podcast Splitscreen.

I write songs about Metroid, my feelings, and more

I co-host a movie review podcast called Let's Watch 2 Movies and an X-Men podcast called The Mutant Ages.


I played keytar and sang lead vocals in a rock band called The Robot Knights.
I used to be an editor at The Mary Sue. Before that, I was the Assistant Editor of Paste Magazine's games section. Before that, I worked at the Boston Phoenix from 2007 to 2013.
My freelance writing has appeared at Offworld, iMoreKill Screen, re/Action, Slice of MIT and MIT Technology Review.
In 2016, I co-hosted a live video morning show called Insomniacs in the Morning (which also has an audio-only podcast version).
Before that, I co-hosted the Isometric podcast, a weekly gaming news show on Relay FM.
I co-starred as Samus in a comedy web series called Samus and Sagat, hosted by Destructoid.

Well, that's about it!

If you are a total stranger who wants to send me an email about your feelings towards me, please play this game by Caelyn Sandel instead. If you want to tell me or any of my colleagues about some video game news, go here. Thanks!