Funeral For My Social Life: My New Two-Song EP

by Maddy Myers

Surprise music update! I've spent the past month or so composing, recording, and producing a 6.5-minute song called "Grudge," which appears alongside one other song on my new EP, "Funeral For My Social Life." The second song, "The Ice Melts," is actually a song that I wrote and recorded back when I was 19. I remastered it for this EP, mostly to remove the sound of the creaky piano bench. That's right -- I recorded "The Ice Melts" on a real live piano! "Grudge," on the other hand, uses my typical synthesized keytar effects.

The two songs go together because they're both about someone I dated ten years ago -- and the process of producing these two songs really helped me work through those old memories and reach a much more peaceful place. Songwriting as therapy: recommended! But also maybe some real therapy too? That would be good. Couldn't hurt.

Anyway, you can purchase "Funeral For My Social Life" for $2 on Bandcamp. You can stream it three times before Bandcamp will start pressuring you to give me some money.

Speaking of money, this is also an extra-special thank-you to the folks who've been subscribing to my blog in spite of the super-sparse updates. If you are a subscriber and you're reading this and you'd like a copy of the EP, please email me at maddymyerswrites at gmail dot com and I'll send you the EP for free. You deserve it!

Thanks again to everybody for the support.

Sing It Louder: Harassment Does Not Help Anyone's Career

by Maddy Myers

This past September, I wrote a long response to a friend about the idea that sharing stories about the harassment of marginalized people will help them, or their careers, in some way.

I do understand how the visibility of a harassment campaign like Gamergate does help naive people become more aware of internet harassment and how it works. But that isn't the same as saying it helped the people who've been harassed.

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