I'm in the money

by Maddy Myers

A few years ago, I set up the option for people to donate recurring Paypal payments to this blog. I felt very anxious about it at the time for a variety of reasons that I wrote about at length. However, at that time, I needed the cash bad. I was freelancing full-time and working several part-time odd jobs, many of which I despised, in order to stay afloat. The extra income that I got from writing on this blog, composing songs and selling them, and even accepting donations for a small game that I made allowed me to stay afloat during a very difficult time.

Eventually, I got a full-time job at The Mary Sue, and my life changed for the better. I had a (small) salary and better health insurance and, best of all, the fulfillment of working at a place that offered me a lot of creative freedom. I worked at The Mary Sue for almost two years, and in that time, my mental health improved significantly. I wrote a lot. I made fun videos. I crowd-funded and recorded an album with my band (which should be out any week now – we're on the last step, which is finalizing the album art and the track order).

I also broke up with my boyfriend last year, which was a sad but necessary action, and I bounced back from that thanks to having a solid job at The Mary Sue and a support network and... yes... some extra money, thanks to the donations people gave to this blog. That money is part of what helped me continue to financially support myself even after said boyfriend moved out of the apartment where we'd been living together.

Throughout my tenure at The Mary Sue, I kept the donation option on this blog because the extra cash was still helping me stay afloat. I felt very guilty about doing it, though, since I wasn't posting here as often as I wanted to, what with having a full-time writing job. But, nonetheless, it was money that I needed and gratefully accepted from each of you.

Today, however, I just canceled everyone's recurring donations. There is also no longer an option available to set up a recurring donation for this blog, even if you wanted to. You can still give me a one-time donation, if you wish, but there are some other better ways to support my work that I'll get to in a second.

I have a new job covering competitive gaming for Deadspin and Kotaku, so I'm doing all right for myself, these days. Well enough that I don't feel right accepting donations for a blog that I hardly ever update. I'm happy to accept payment for the other work that I do, however.

Here are some examples of projects I've made that you can purchase or support:

  1. As I said, I recently crowd-funded an album with my band, and I'm sure many of my readers here contributed to that crowd-fund. Your donations were much appreciated! If you didn't donate, the album will also be available for you to purchase (along with the rest of my band's backlog of songs) at robotknights.bandcamp.com. All of our other albums are pay-what-you-want, but the upcoming album will not be free.

  2. I write a lot of solo music (plus theme songs for other projects that I do), and you can buy that at maddymyers.bandcamp.com. There's a subscription option on my Bandcamp page as well, if you like the recurring donation model and you want to support my solo music. I plan to release lots more solo music in the coming year, and I hope you all enjoy it!

  3. I currently host two podcasts and produce some fun videos with Atomic Blue Productions, which is a tiny media company that I founded with one of my best friends, Ryan Pagella. Unlike me, Ryan doesn't have a huge social media following, but he's a talented person who makes fun videos and serves as a great host on our new X-Men podcast, which is called The Mutant Ages.
    I also co-host a movie review podcast with my friend Mary Ellen Murray called Let's Watch 2 Movies; it's very funny, thanks to Mary Ellen being one of the most hilarious people I've ever had the pleasure of knowing.
    The hosting fees for both of these podcasts, and for the ABP website, gets paid for by yours truly. Those hosting fees are expensive, by the way! Soundcloud's podcast hosting costs $130 per year, and I just paid for that twice.
    Unlike me, Mary Ellen and Ryan do not make very much money. So, I don't mind footing the bill for them, because I love the projects that we do, and I believe in both of them as talented creators and co-hosts. But I also think it would be really great if Atomic Blue Productions made more money so that I don't have to fund all of it myself.
    I think our shows are great fun, and I think you'll enjoy them! If you like our work and you can afford to pay us, please consider subscribing to our Patreon.

So, those are some great ways that you can continue to support me and the projects I'm working on--and the people who help me make those projects. This blog will also continue to exist and I'll post on it when I feel like it, about whatever I want. And, of course, I encourage you to read my work over at Deadspin and Kotaku.

Above all, though, I want to thank the people who donated to this blog when I needed it. It meant a lot to me that anyone was willing to do that. I'm still amazed by it! Thank you for supporting me, and I hope you'll continue to follow the other projects that I'm doing, and that you will enjoy this blog whenever it updates.

I'll also try my best to keep this site updated with the latest cool shit that I'm doing, so you can keep track of me. Woo!