2015 Successes, and 2016 Plans

by Maddy Myers

What have I been up to lately? A couple of things!

As you all probably know, I've been working for The Mary Sue full-time since mid-2015, which means that for 8 hours a day every weekday, I write! My author page could make for a good addition to your RSS feed if you like my writing and want to read every last bit of it. Not much of my writing is ending up on this blog anymore, but that's mostly because I've been spending my non-work time on either video or audio projects. If you spend 8 hours a day writing, it can be tough to do even more writing after that.

So, here are the other projects I've been doing instead. My best friend Ryan Pagella and I have been trying to help each other wake up, at least once a week, by doing a morning video show on Wednesdays. It's called Insomniacs in the Morning, and my Video page on this website includes some more information about it.

That's what I'm doing for at least one morning a week. What about my post-work weeknights? Well, I have also been trying to keep my head down when it comes to working on recording new music with my band and also solo. Recording music always feels frustrating and slow. It's definitely not as satisfying as putting up multiple articles a day, or producing a video a week. It's much more languorous and time-consuming than that. Therefore, I'm hopeful that you all will be patient with me; I am excited to show you the music I've been working on when it's done.

Lastly, I'm proud that my game Siren For Hire has been quite well-received this year. It did not reach a massive audience, but what little response I have heard about the game has been positive and encouraging. Once I am finished with the music recording projects in which I'm quagmired, I hope to devote more of my free time to making more of my other game ideas a reality.

I had a productive and wonderful 2015, and I'm looking forward to showing you all some more cool shit that I'll make in 2016!