News! Judging Gears of War: Judgment, more on Tomb Raider, and podcasts (again)

by Maddy Myers

Some long overdue updates on work I've published about the ol' internet lately:

Two weeks ago, I wrote a review of Gears of War: Judgment for Paste magazine. I also wrote an editorial about Sofia for Gameranx. Tom Bissell, one of the game's two lead writers, responded in a comment on the post. We live in a magical world of accessibility now, where game creators can talk directly with critics and vice versa. Too bad I couldn't use that accessibility to tell Bissell how much I loved his game, because I did not.

This week, I began a new column at Paste mag called Hyper Mode. My first column is about role-playing as protagonists in games; for now, you must subscribe to Paste to read that article. You should do this if you can afford to. If you cannot, wait a while and the article will, I think, become accessible for free at a future date.

I used Tomb Raider as my example in that piece, but I cited Gears of War as well, because I use Gears of War as an example for anything whenever I can. I can't help that Marcus Fenix is relevant to all arguments!

Lastly, I recently guested on the GaymeBar podcast. We talked about Tomb Raider, StarCraft, Zeno Clash, Saints Row 2-4, the Wii U, the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3, Ridiculous Fishing, and goodness knows what all else. Dick jokes, I think. I've been very ill for most of the past month, so I was in a bit of a haze during most of that recording. Who even knows what I said? It was probably hilarious! Check it out.